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CVrg uses our deep understanding of each marketplace before, during and after key medical congresses to align with clients interests and deliver the most meaningful and insightful competitive intelligence possible. Our analysts diligently review conference planners in their area of expertise, select the right poster and oral sessions to attend and evaluate, and deliver concise synopses of the implications of new data presented on the market landscape. CVrg’s conference reports are cost-effective, best-in-class resources that ensure clients receive timely, expert insights from major cardiovascular, metabolic, renal, and liver congresses.

Attending In-Person, Virtually, or Both

How CVrg Supports You

Before the Conference:

Once the abstract titles have been released by the conference organization, CVrg reviews and compiles relevant oral sessions and posters into an internal itinerary that is shared with clients. Clients are invited to review what has been included, recommend additions, and highlight priorities.

After client input has been compiled and in the final weeks before the conference, CVrg double-checks that nothing critical has been missed (based on abstracts or titles alone, as possible) and reissues a final itinerary to clients.

Before Conference
During Conference

During the Conference:

CVrg attends oral presentations and poster sessions, and actively seeks out key scientific, clinical, and industry experts where possible to gain insights into the data presented.

Between sessions, we are happy to meet clients in person, and enjoy collaborative exchanges about how to fully serve them with our current and future CI resources.

After the Conference:

CVrg analysts rigorously sift through data presented at the conference to identify results that are most likely to be clinically meaningful and/or to impact the competitive landscape. We create executive-style PowerPoint reports that not only summarize the data but also put them into context within the broader market landscape. Delivered soon after the close of the conference, the reports are intended to highlight novel and important developments in the field rather than to capture everything that was presented.

Clients can request a conference debrief to connect with our experts and delve more deeply into topics of particular interest.

After Conference

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